**Machine model will vary on availability and stock

We provide cash management solutions to a variety of business including: 

Retail Storefront, Restaurants, Deli, Convenience Stores 
Liquor Stores    , Street Fairs , Festivals, Malls 
Bars , Lounges, Night Clubs, Hotels   
Motels, Casinos, Clinics, Gas Stations  College Campus,  Universities,  Special Events of all kinds and nature.


Investment Opportunity 

Regency ATM, LLC is adding new locations to it's portfolio and is seeking vault cash to stock these machines.  Currently there is an opportunity for investment with a SOLID annual return paid quarterly.  

Please contact us for more information.


Regency ATM uses Nautilus Hyosung Machines for our clients. They are reliable and chip reader ready.

How it all works:

  •  Our team will meet with the owner of each store and decide the best location for an ATM Machine.
  • Regency ATM provides the machine and signage.
  • We will install at no cost to the owner of the location. 
  • We will set the transaction fee at a rate that we all agree on. 
  • Machine is ready for customers to use! 
  • Regency ATM monitors transactions and cash to ensure that no sale is lost to our location owners. 
  • Not only do our store owners get a portion of the fee charged they will get access to their cash faster and save on Credit Card Transaction Fees.
  • Our machines accept the following cards:  MC, Visa, Amex, Major Debit Cards, and EBT. 

Give us a call today or send us an email and see how we can help your business or event. 

Services We Provide

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